Zaira Zingone

zaira-zingone-almacanta-2014Zaira Zingone born in Sassari in 1975 by painter and sculptor dad and mom and designerteacher. His paternal grandfather , Armando Zingone , is a singer , bassist and guitarist of a historical Neapolitan swing orchestra . Smell and observes immediately the art and its forms , its advantages and his labors. We see immediately the saving power , liberating, expressive .
Experience the arts and sports, with success in both. From classical dance in young age , basketball (up to semi pro in A2 with the national Esperia Rome ) , athletics , volleyball , swimming , singing modern, experimental dance that even the door to the world championships in Gothenburg, Sweden , in 1999.
She graduated with honors at the I.U.S.M. of Rome in 2000 and became also Teacher Education Physics . In the years between 1998 and 2000, she began studying on his own singing pop , then get (indeed,return , given the ratings as a child ) to jazz, once back in Sardinia in 2001. Start at the jazz workshop of Alghero , edited by Mariano Tedde and Giovanni Agostino Frassetto, before moving to the summer and winter seminars directed by Paolo Fresu, ” Nuoro Jazz” . For about three seasons studied with Serena Caporale , Maria Pia De Vito and Rossella Faa , winning a scholarship Study conferred by Maria Pia De Vito .In addition to having sung with Tino Tracanna during the seminars , Zaira Zingone begins his first experiences as a jazz singer . In 2006 , together with the students of the Laboratory of Jazz Poco Loco , opens the exhibition ” April Jazz ” to Alghero. She sang with Serena Caporale Ensemble ( Nuoro Jazz Summer ) , Rossella Faa Ensemble ( Nuoro Jazz Winter ) , Tino Tracanna Ensemble ( Nuoro Jazz Summer ) , Graziano Solinas , Claudio Gabriel Sanna , Lorenzo Sabattini , Andrea Lubino , Gian Piero Carta, Sabina Sanna , Antonio Pitzoi , Nico Casu , Carlo Doneddu , Mario Ganau , Gavino Murgia . Among her collaborations, the theater, with the director and actress Adriana Chiara Murru , in sight -reading music ” Waltz for a Love,” in which she sang accompanied by Sabina Sanna the guitar.In the summer of 2010 shape with Maestro Graziano Solinas the duo AlmaCanta and autumn arrives in seminfinale Prize Andrea Parodi with the song written by her, ” La tua veu ” in catalan language.

In 2011 he won the Prix Pino Piras Alghero for the new song with ” Lo que és hi ” on music composed by Maestro Graziano Solinas and own text.

Writes texts in Italian , English and Alghero.

In 2012, at the Space T of Alghero, leads , along with singer Marta Raviglia , the seminar “Voice dancing , singing body ,” as Professor of Exercise Science , in collaboration with the Ass. Cultural Ryunyo and the suitcase of Happiness.

In ‘ April 2013 she released her first album , in collaboration with Maestro Graziano Solinas , songs and original texts of the duo, entitled “Legàmi”( Liaison), recorded with Lorenzo Sabattini , Massimo Russino ,

Paoletto Sechi , Antonio Pitzoi , Nico Casu , Gian Piero Carta and Carlo Doneddu .

Currently reads and interprets also some of the beautiful lyrics written by Gianni Rodari for puppet theater , the music composed by Graziano Solinas .

In addition, always with Graziano Solinas that makes beautiful music for the extemporaneous theater, from life to ” Rime of Anger ” by Bruno Tognolini in musical reading to them freely

inspired ” CHANGE THE WORLD ” .

It ‘ also Artistic Director of the Festival ” Espero ‘ Festival” in Alghero, since 2012 and Chairman Cultural Association ” and Ryunyo Suitcase of Happiness ” in 2011.

She has held the following projects:

• AlmaCanta duo , with Graziano Solinas . Original songs ranging from jazz , blues, tango , the ballad , the musical reading .

• Rumba Azul , suggestions and music notes and little notes from Brazil, with Sabina Sanna , guitar.

• Medite Trio , with Claudio Gabriel Sanna and Graziano Solinas . Original songs in catalan language.

• Travel Sextet , with Claudio Gabriel Sanna , Graziano Solinas , Andrea Lubino , Lorenzo Sabattini , Gian Piero Carta. Jazz and ethnic music .

• Waltz for a love, with Adriana Chiara Murru and Sabina Sanna , musical reading on the only freely adapted for the theater monologue written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

• Tribute to Gianni Rodari , musical reading with Graziano Solinas on stories, freely adapted from the book ” Marionette in libertà,” whose lyrics Gianni Rodari wrote for the puppet theater .

• Change the world , musical reading with Graziano Solinas , freely adapted from ” Rime of anger “by Bruno Tognolini .

She writes about her the singer and composer Marta Raviglia : ” Zaira is not only an extraordinary woman but also a sensitive artist , with a musicality out of the ordinary and a voice that can not fail to touch the core. Through it tells and it is said : life and art are the same thing in the song of Zaira , refined performer whose models reference hardly emerge because over time has developed a language entirely original , which is based on the natural evolution of a vocal softly veiled , on a soft and sinuous phrasing and expressiveness that makes live happily pathos and irony. ”

Graziano Solinas

8088_449656085053962_701017694_nwas born in Sassari July 17, 1964

education :

the age of 14 he enrolled at the Conservatory of Sassari attending the course in composition for a few

years . Continue the study of the self-taught piano and accordion. He attended several seminars with

teachers forming jazz as : Bruno Tommaso ( orchestration ), Paolo Fresu, Eugenio Colombo , Tino Tracanna .

Graduated in composition at the Conservatorio Paganini in Genoa in 2011.

experiences :

– 1989-2003 Member of the popular music group Calic plays in numerous concerts in France, Spain and Italy , working arrangement and composition of the songs. Eight records recorded for various labels .

– In September ’92 he won a scholarship to the seminary of Nuoro. The same year he formed with bassist and drummer Lorenzo Sabattini Luca Piana , the group Ea (later expanded to a horn section ) taking inSardinia and off-island several concerts greeted by a great critical acclaim. The Ea participated as a finalist in several competitions including Posada and Arcore. In 1994, always with the Ea wins with its own composition, the International Competition of Sant’Anna Arresi dedicated to the figure of Frank Zappa. The demo Tormentone ends in 1995, the group’s activities.

– In ’93 he performed and recorded in instrumental training the Christmas Concert with the voices of the choir Canepa, then resumed in ’97 along with the choir ” St. Cecilia . ”

– From ’95 works as an accordionist and composer with the Circle Laborintus . He cites for example the production of three theatrical -musical works on the theme of the invitation to the ” joy of reading ” : Tangomarea , Packed Novels, songs of the Maggio (inspired by the music of Fabrizio De Andrè ) , La Buona Novella of De Andrè .

– In ’98 his song ” Nodas 2 ” was performed by ‘ Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna directed by Bruno Tommaso . In the same year he played with Andrea Parodi in Abbacada and registered with the disc Bertas 30 anni

– From ’99 to 2002 and the composer for the group Graziano Solinas quartet with musicians Giampiero Carta ( sax ), Alessandro Zolo ( Bass) and Carlo Sezzi (drums).

– From 2000 he worked as a pianist and accordionist with the singer – actress Elena Pau in several plays ( Romeo and Gavino, Nobody sings and there is silence , To the love I believe … )

– In February 2002 performing in concerts in the ” Italian Festival ” Grand Junction (Colorado, United States) with songs of his own composition , gaining success with audiences and critics.

– Since 2003, is based in the orchestra Bartali as an accordionist and composer.

In November 2008 he participated as a soloist in the work accordionist composed by Maestro Bruno Tommaso ” L’eccezione è la regola.”

– He has worked as a musician with the group Cordas et Cannas 2007-2009 . Since 2010, he formed the duo AlmaCanta with Zaira Zingone participating in several composition competitions copyright and in 2011 won the first prize in the competition for the catalan song Pino Piras .

In advertising has composed music for commercials Mirto – Silvio Carta , Arborea.

His music featured in the film documentary filmmaker Cristina Mantis – The Carnival of Dolores

Sa Graxia director Bonifacio Angius

Activity record :

  • Group Calic : TERRES DE MAR, ATTINDE , La Canço catalana …
  • Chichimeca : ” Barbari “
  • Sons of Jubal : ” Figli di Jubal “, ” ONE YEAR plateau “
  • Nasodoble : ” Bestiario ” –
  • Choral Canepa : ‘ Concerto di Natale ‘
  • Bertas : ” Trenta anni “
  • Jazz all’ambra day: ‘2002 ‘
  • Mariano Piras : “Bambini Monellacci ” (2005)
  • Orchestra Bartali : ” Tutto da rifare ” (January 2006)
  • Marino Derosas : ” Femina ‘ e mare ” (December 2006)
  • AlmaCanta : Legàmi (2013 )